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My beauty routine

Skin cleansing, continuous hydration, and protection are essential to keep your skin beautiful in all seasons. You must plan for better exfoliation to be ready for the sun.

As explained by, some plants can be used to detoxify your skin if it has not yet been done if you don’t want to use classic exfoliation techniques.

Your beauty care routine should pay attention to your type of skin type, which can be dry, oily, or a combination of both. It’s very important to know its particularity.

My beauty routine

Beauty tips

Be beautiful, naturally

  • Beauty products and nail care
  • Hair care for all hair styles
  • Make-up styles and different Types of Makeup
  • Body and facial care

Tips to make your hands look younger

You can treat your hands with anti-aging care products to prevent or cope with the first signs of aging. Choose pH-neutral soaps that are good for your hands and be careful with the sun. Apply sunscreen.

Scrubbing removes dead cells and softens the skin. It erases signs of aging. Moisturizing creams will give your hands a youthful look.



Beauty trends

The best care

Anti-pollution care

Anti-pollution care

Anti-pollution treatments help you withstand external aggressions and air pollution.

Tinted Lips

Tinted Lipstick

The trend lately is pink. A “make-up – no make-up” look with light lipstick on your lips.

Pink Blush

A light and luminous foundation with pink blush. Use this bright colour to even out your skin tone.

Natural beauty

Cosmetics with chemical components are a thing of the past. Welcome to natural organic products as well as healthy eating plans.

The return of self-care

Self-care is back

Taking care of yourself has become a priority, not a luxury. Your inner well-being is as important as your external well-being.

Professional tools

Professional tools

Eyelash extensions are by far the best method to give yourself a seductive look.

different styles

“ There are many styles of women’s clothing. Classic, Bohemian, Minimalist, Fashionista and Creative are among some to choose from. Find the basic clothes and shoes you should have in your dressing room closet.“

Is your scalp healthy?

Beautiful, healthy, voluminous hair starts at the scalp. A healthy scalp starts with a balanced scalp pH. Choose special shampoos or oils adapted to your hair pH.

Different types of make-up


Daytime make-up

Daytime make-up

Night Makeup

Night Makeup

Permanent make-up

Permanent make-up

Glossy makeup

Glossy makeup