The great return of puffed sleeves in our dressing room!

If the fashion for oversize seems inevitable today, it's taking it up a notch this season with puffy sleeves. Always available on the shop shelves, puff sleeves inject a sewing spirit with very basic pieces. But before you start choosing puff sleeves on your next visit to the shops, you should check a few essential points.

Choose a dress with puffed sleeves to structure the silhouette.

The balloon sleeves are ideal pieces to sublimate a look for a party. For that, it is essential to bet on a black velvet outfit with broad shoulders. With this puffy sleeves trend, there's no need to overdo it on the rest of the piece. In any case, sobriety is de rigueur.

Wear balloon sleeves according to the season

If the very wide balloon sleeves have a charm, we must admit that they are sometimes difficult to assume especially in everyday life. And yet, well matched and well valued, the puffed sleeves trend will bring you a resolutely sensual and romantic touch. Moreover, it is necessary to select puffed sleeves according to the seasons. Indeed, putting a coat on this kind of outfit does not necessarily seem obvious, and risks devaluing the puffy side of the room. During the winter season, you can be content with the very wide aspect at the very least, which you reserve for good weather or mid-season. Of course, you will have a great opportunity to play with the balloon sleeve styles during the summer or spring. Adapt the volume of the balloon sleeves according to the morphology of the body. If you have a physique with shoulders wider than the hips, V-shaped and close to that of a sportswoman, it will be recommended that you limit the balloon sleeves, which are not very bulky, in order to preserve a certain balance in the gait. However, if you adopt an A shape, i.e. your shoulders are a little narrower than your hips, opt for fashionable puffy sleeves that are as wide as you want. For people who are in 0, 8, h or X shape, with shoulders the same width as your hips, treat yourself to balloon sleeves of measured size. But in most cases, when you've made the decision to adopt a new style based on puff sleeves, you should make these outfits the centrepiece of your look. To achieve this, try to combine puff sleeves with close-fitting pieces: high waist slim fit, pinch pants, pencil skirts or tight skirts will be your good allies to adopt a chic and successful style. When it comes to textures, you can opt for a pretty blouse with balloon sleeves that goes well with leather, rock and fashionable pants.
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