What are the virtues of pregnancy bola?

During pregnancy, friends and relatives offer a variety of gifts for women. There is a wonderful gift such as the pregnancy bola that comes from Indonesia. It is a necklace specially made for pregnant women. It consists of a pendant that hangs from a long cord or chain. This marvellous piece of jewellery enhances the round shape of the pregnant woman's belly. At the slightest gesture, it produces a light sound that brings sounds of a bell. The purpose of this article is to talk about the virtues of the pregnancy bola.

Pregnancy bola strengthens the bond between mother-to-be and baby

The heart of a woman who is expecting a child is filled with immense joy. As she does so, she sees his rounded belly. Pregnancy is a time when certain ailments such as back pain, general tiredness and nausea really appear. Aside from these troubles, the woman is blessed with many gifts and she is also pampered. The pleasant sound produced by this pregnancy bola soothes the baby. From the 19th week on, he already recognises this sound, which begins to be familiar to him. The melody of the bola will relax him during the tense time, even at birth. The bola thus brings even more bonding between mother and child.

Pregnancy bola makes the mother-to-be more beautiful

The bole is a classic jewel, which comes from Indonesia, appreciated by the pregnant woman and aims to appeal to a guardian angel of the baby. In modern times, a pregnant woman becomes more coquettish thanks to this beautiful necklace. It is part of the trendy jewellery accessories that brings a pregnant woman a more seductive look. Many models of the bola are available in various colours. Whether it is made of gold, silver, with distinct patterns, decorated with several crystals, it is sure to find this pregnancy bola that will easily match the clothes. With this necklace, it is important to adopt a refined and original style of clothing, and all eyes will be focused on the person wearing it.

The maternity bola has better memories of its state of pregnancy

You should not think that bola is only for the moment of pregnancy. A woman can keep it after giving birth. The baby is familiar with the pleasant melody of the bola. It will also be necessary to relax him when he cries. This necklace will certainly recall the best moments of pregnancy of a mother-to-be. It is recommended not to put it at the bottom of the jewellery box. The bola is therefore a jewel that has its uses all the time. It protects 9 months of a woman's pregnancy history.
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