What is a semi-precious stone?

Published on : 07 May 20203 min reading time

In lithotherapy, there are several ways to describe the different types of stones. Among these types are semi-precious stones. These types of stones are widely used in jewellery today. These small gems, with an attractive colour and exceptional beauty, give more character to some jewellery.

What exactly is a semi-precious stone?

It is more convenient to use the term “semi-precious stone” in the qualification of fine stones, or more precisely transparent gems, which are not precious stones. The precious stone is the nomination generally given to 4 imperatively transparent, very rare and hard gems coming from natural minerals such as diamond, sapphire,… The gemstone comes from a mineral, an organic matter or a rock. There is therefore a grouping between fine stones and precious stones. The name Semi-precious stone was created to counter the quartet of precious stones such as black or colourless diamond, sapphire, emerald and ruby. The distinction had to be reinforced to best preserve the value of these luxury stones qualified as jewels. Buying a semi-precious stone jewel is becoming very trendy today.

Semi-precious stone: a forbidden appellation

Since the appearance of Decree No. 2002-65 dated January 14, 2002, setting out the relative marketing of semi-precious stone jewellery and gemstones, the term “semi-precious” is now prohibited, the facts of which are stipulated in Article 5 of the Decree. The law therefore prohibits the designation of the materials or products mentioned therein. This article indicates that the decree applies to a few materials, namely gemstones found in deposits, synthetic stones, artificial stones and imitations of gemstones, organic plant or animal materials traditionally used in jewellery, cultured pearls, fine pearls and imitations of fine or cultured pearls. The term semi-precious stone has therefore been banned as it is very misleading. Currently, the term is now replaced by the term “fine stone”.

Fine stone: the new name for semi-precious stone

Fine stones currently represent semi-precious stones. They refer to transparent stones or gems of very high value. This term their case a higher value, even if these gems mark a low competition to precious stones. These gemstones are often visible crystals in rocks or magmatic plates. Semi-precious or fine stones exist with many sparkling colors. Their notoriety is increasing day by day and is imposing itself without concern in the world of the jeweller. Designers and jewellers will continue to use the term “semi-precious” on the Internet, however, because many buyers of semi-precious stone jewellery know the gems under this name. As a result, it will take several years before the other name “fine stone” becomes a habit for these people.

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