What jewellery to wear to receive positive energies?

Published on : 07 May 20203 min reading time

Stones and minerals carry positive energies with a frequency such as colour. They discharge the positive energies confined within the human body. They are activated in contact with the skin or by the action of light. It is advisable to wear jewellery with positive energies. This article will show you the three stones among many others to receive positive energies: Garnet, Amazonite, Tiger-eye.

Positive energy jewellery in Garnet

The Garnet stone holds many virtues, such as joy and strength of life, energy, courage, driving force and self-confidence. The power of will, the best self-confidence, and success are also associated with the Garnet stone. The beautiful bracelet with the Garnet stone is among the jewels with positive energies. Garnet is a regenerating stone. It purifies and balances the energy bringing passion and serenity. It removes negative energy from the energy centers of the human body, the Chakras. The jewel composed of Garnet in contact with the skin helps you to overcome obstacles and to think in a logical and rational way. With the energy of the heart, it designates love, and gives rise to feelings. The garnet jewel protects you from hidden danger and evil. It gives energy, vitality, strength, perseverance. It chases away melancholy. Garnet with its color is an energizing stone.

Jewellery with positive energies in Amazonite

The jewel made of Amazonite is part of the jewels with positive energies. Amazonite is a stone that has a powerful filtering action. It is a stone that makes negative energies and thoughts disappear. Amazonite is attached to the energy center of the heart. Other properties of Amazonite: it hides emotions and develops positive thoughts. It also promotes communication and helps to balance energies. It brings well-being and independence. The jewel composed of Amazonite is soothing.

Tiger-eye jewellery

The tiger-eye jewel has benefits on the nervous system and heals the joints: osteoarthritis, rheumatism, inflammation. It even helps to reduce bone fractures in the elderly. The tiger-eye stone has positive effects on the digestive system and balances nervous energy. It helps you to replenish positive energy. Wearing tiger-eye jewellery helps you concentrate and make a good decision. According to some beliefs, the tiger-eye stone is balancing and restores harmony. It protects you from negative waves and the malevolence of others. It is a good idea not to part with the tiger-eye jewel and to have the tiger-eye stone at the entrance of the house. Tiger’s eye helps to align the spine.

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