What’s Fashionable in Ladies Handbags

Handbags for a woman are as personal as the type of fragrance she chooses to wear. It all comes down to taste, that is until the hottest celebrity dons the newest over-sized, jewel-toned, animal print bag and then every woman and her handbag sized dog wants one! This season, over-sized bags are continuing to make it big! Perfect for an overnight stay, heading to the gym after work or to hold the many daily necessities required to maintain that chic Sarah Jessica Parker style look. Animal prints and soft embellishments have replaced last year’s trends of chains, heavy zippers and hoops. The basket weave in natural tones is making a splash and it’s not just the designers getting in on this trend. Major high street chains are selling the basket weave style for a fraction of the price. The soft and supple woven material of this style of handbag is perfect for the spring and summer wardrobe. Smaller bags with longer straps and clutches are the ideal accessory for the evening. Bright sequins and jewells allow these evening bags to make the outfit and with the seemingly infinite amount of colours and patterns, there’s a clutch bag for every occasion, every outfit and even every pair of shoes in a woman’s wardrobe.
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