Eyelash extensions: the different types of application

To have a charmed look, many women adopt eyelash extensions. When your weapon of seduction is well developed, you will turn more than one head. There are many ways to apply false eyelashes. However, the techniques presented below respect all natural lashes. Here are the details on the different processes.

Eyelash to eyelash application

This eyelash extension application technique is the most classic way. Thus, it consists in applying one by one the false eyelashes on a natural eyelash. Its advantages? It allows you to lengthen and curl your lashes. It enhances your eyes without the use of mascara. It is applied 3 mm from the skin of the eyelids. The result of this eyelash application technique looks natural because the extensions can be made of silk, mink or synthetic fibres with a natural look. In addition, different types of lash thicknesses are available. Depending on the volume of your lashes as well as the style you wish to have, choose their lengths and curves.

The outer corner lash application

Eyelash to eyelash application with outer corners is a technique that mixes two results. On the one hand, it makes the lashes thicker in order to enhance the eyes. On the other hand, it has such a discreet character that it is perfectly suited for those who do not want an extension that is too conspicuous. Having a very satisfactory rendering, it is a nice compromise for those who cannot afford a full Russian volume. You wish to have a doe eye side? This eyelash extension application technique is recommended for you. The aesthetician generally uses eyelash extensions arranged sparsely along your ciliary line. After the extensions have been applied for about two hours, your eyes will appear open.

The Russian volume

This last way of placing the extensions consists in placing several false eyelashes on the natural. It differs from the eyelash to eyelash extension by their fineness and their application around the eyes. The Russian volume application leaves an intensification of the thickness of the lashes. Although light, they can triple, quadruple or even multiply into 6 in terms of volume. Do you have thin or thin lashes? This technique is for you. It will give you such extreme volume that your eyes will become very intense. It is suitable for all women who want a very make-up effect so that they stand out on special occasions. Even if your eyelashes look too short, the Russian volume extension will not damage them. Then, they do not cause your real lashes to fall out.
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