Solid shampoo: pros and cons

Published on : 07 May 20203 min reading time

The organic trend finds its place in cosmetic products. The craze for slow cosmetics is starting to gain momentum and many people are taking to it for natural skin care. Solid shampoo is one of the organic cosmetics that is gradually gaining its place in the bathroom. Why abandon traditional shampoo? Solid shampoo has fewer chemical components that are harmful to the scalp. Discover the main advantages of solid shampoo below.

Solid shampoo: an ecological and natural product

One of the advantages of solid shampoo is that it is designed to benefit the environment. With this organic product, there will be less waste because it does not require packaging such as a bottle or vial. As the solid shampoo is in the form of a block of hard soap, it contains less water unlike liquid shampoo. It is worth noting that it is a cosmetic formula that does not waste enough water.

The solid shampoo has no chemical composition. It is made from vegetable surfactant and essential oils that nourish the hair. This is why most women have a strong taste for this solid cosmetic. To take care of these manes, nothing beats natural.

Do we really have to give up liquid shampoo?

Liquid shampoo has everything to please: the scent of roses, fruit and everything else that enchants. The traditional shampoo foams very well and it seems to be more practical in use. Its soft texture leaves many people addicted to it. The liquid shampoo is made up of fragrances that appeal to many consumers, and contains chemical elements: silicones, sulphates and parabens as well as dyes.

Silicone, an ingredient that is almost inseparable from liquid shampoos, adds shine to the hair while also making it silky smooth. However, this chemical component which is silicone is aggressive to the hair over time.

Why choose a solid shampoo?

The use of solid shampoo has many advantages. It is at the same time organic, economical and practical. If you wish to use natural care, choose solid shampoo. It is suitable for all hair types: straight, wavy, curly or frizzy.

The only drawback with a solid shampoo is that your hair can change texture in the first 3 months of use. This comes down to the fact that your manes gradually begin to adapt to this new shampoo. But don’t worry, this is a completely natural process when you want to switch to natural care. If you have a patient, you’ll find that it’s worthwhile to go back to natural. However, check when you buy your solid shampoo to make sure that it does not contain any aggressive surfactants such as SLS.

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