What’s semi-permanent mascara?

One of the biggest drawbacks of conventional makeup is the way it dissipates during the day. If you're having a tough day, you can't expect your makeup, especially your mascara, to stay as it is. Fortunately, in the constant quest for the most beautiful eyes, mascara has been constantly improved to withstand the daily stress. Semi-permanent mascara is one of the latest innovations that can give you an incredible, eye-catching look in just a few weeks without the need for continuous touch-ups. The added bonus is that you'll feel better knowing that no matter what happens, your lashes will stay perfect.

What is semi-permanent mascara?

The name "semi-permanent mascara" may sound too good to be true. Now there is a mascara that doesn't run in your eyes and can withstand sweat, tears, showers and rain. Semi-permanent mascara adds all the volume and lift you expect from a good, high-quality mascara, without having to spend precious morning hours applying it carefully. The product is a formula applied to the lashes, similar to the way normal mascara is applied. However, it will allow some time to dry and solidify, allowing your lashes to last for weeks. It can be used with an eyelash lift and tint for best results.

The application technique

It is a flexible eyelash coating with a similar effect to mascara, but with more power. This treatment can be applied to both upper and lower lashes and a durable coating is used to make stains and impermeability last for two to four weeks. Their formula is also hypoallergenic and formaldehyde-free, which means you won't have to worry about your body's negative reactions. This new state-of-the-art treatment can provide a long-lasting coat on lashes, making your lashes bolder and more beautiful.

Advantages of semi-permanent mascara

Lashes covered with semi-permanent mascara increase considerably in volume and the length of the lashes increases by 20%. The potion takes about an hour to prepare, but the effect can last for several weeks without damaging the lashes. There are no stains under the eyes in all weathers and under all circumstances, it is also waterproof. This also reduces the time for eye make-up and eyelash care. And finally, you will have beautiful, well-groomed lashes at any time of day with a false eyelash effect. Please note: this procedure cannot be performed by yourself at home, but must be carried out by an expert in the salon.
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