How to dye your eyebrows?

The world of fashion is in constant evolution. And as a result, the fashion for fine eyebrows is now over. The trend is now for well defined and thick eyebrows. For a more permanent result, eyebrow tinting is the best solution in fashion today. Zoom in on this process which makes it possible to bring out the eyes.

Why dye eyebrows?

Some women decide to dye their eyebrows to match the colour of their hair after hair colouring. However, others dye their eyebrows because they have very light eyebrows and want them to be more noticeable. Colouring eyebrows gives a natural contrast between the eyebrows and the skin that brings out the eyes. It also helps to determine the eyebrow line and to highlight the eyes. For eyebrow tinting, going to an institute is the best option. It is still possible to colour them yourself at home, provided that you follow a few rules.

How to dye eyebrows?

First of all, before dyeing your eyebrows, you must remove all traces of makeup and sebum from your eyebrows. To do this, you must use water that is particularly suitable for the face, called micellar water. Next, apply a greasy cream around the eyebrows to prevent any trace of colour on the skin. Most tincture products require a mixture of revealing lotions and tincture gel. To do this, paint the desired shape with a fine make-up brush or a small brush. For a specially natural shade, it is necessary to brush the back part first and then the front part of the eyebrow. Use a cotton swab to remove any smudges immediately. Generally speaking, the application time for eyebrow tinting varies between 30 seconds and 5 minutes. The longer the tinting takes, the darker the colour of the eyebrows. If your hair is light, a short time with the dye is often sufficient. To wipe off the colour, use a damp cloth or cotton wool. Start with the dyed eyebrow so that both eyebrows are covered with dye during the same period.

Which eyebrow colour suits you?

The closer the colour of the eyebrows is to the original skin colour, the more subtle the result. Hair colour can also be adjusted. In the case of darker hair, it is advisable to choose the eyebrow colour that is more noticeable. But with light hair, the ideal is to dye the eyebrows with shades of graphite, light brown and medium blond. However, today, there are no colour rules to follow. Everyone is free to choose. Moreover, today's colour contrasts provide a very modern and assertive look. For example, light blond hair with dark eyebrows. In short, the user can choose the colour of his eyebrows according to the expected result.
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