How do I know if my skin is greasy?

At first sight, the face reflects everything. It is then necessary for some people to take care of it. The skin can be differentiated by a few types. Oily skin is a problem for women. There is an appearance of acne, blackheads, certain facial impurities. But oily skin has characteristics that resemble other skin types. For this, you have to do a test to be sure.

The different skin types

Everyone can take care of their skin or face in a way that is appropriate for their face type. The skin is said to be dry if it is thin, sensitive. After cleansing, the face becomes tight. The skin is neither supple nor soft. Oily skin glows. The body envelope secretes sebum. But it can be mixed. Combination skin is both dry and oily. The face is oily on the forehead, nose, chin and the rest is dry. The wish is to have normal skin. Normal skin is even, smooth and soft. However, most people have oily skin. What is it?

What is oily skin?

Oily skin has a shiny appearance. The skin is oily. It can be seen on the face, most often on the forehead, nose and chin. It is associated with an oily scalp. Sebum is an oily substance at the origin of oily skin. It is produced by sebaceous glands. The face becomes thick and the pores are dilated. Oily skin leads to the development of blackheads, microcysts and acne. It can be hereditary. It is caused by hormonal imbalances, stress, pollution, smoking, climate change. A man with oily skin has fewer signs of aging. His skin is moisturized and supple. Teenagers and young adults often have this type of skin.

How can you tell if you have oily skin?

To take care of your face, you need to know the characteristics of oily skin. Sometimes, dry skin and oily skin have a common trait. Oily skin can be tight. There are also appearances of redness. Oily skin can also be confused with combination skin. In these cases, a test can be performed. It is performed in just a few moments. The face must first be cleansed with a neutral pH product. Next, strips of tissue paper are put on. The tissue paper will be pressed against the face for at least two minutes. A skin is oily if the entire strip is covered with sebum. If the trace is simply on the T-zone of the face, the skin is mixed.
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